Drake’s Take on Tebow voted #1 Athlete!

11 Jan

An ESPN poll for Americas Top Pro Athlete was released today. I’m sure you know by now who was voted #1.  That is correct if you said Tim Tebow! I would like to share my personal Christian view on Tebow mania and what he means to football. Now please don’t stop reading because I said Christian.  My view may surprise some of you, and may offend others. As Christians we should celebrate the status and recognition Tebow has received.  For too long now I’ve heard people say he has not been given the chance or he is hated because he is Christian. That is true that he has been criticized and hated due to his faith. However Tebow is loved and has been supported more than any athlete in sports! 

Religious or not, people need to separate their faith or beliefs from football when commenting on Tebow’s QB play, unless you’re stating his will to win, determination. That fire and desire comes from within Tebow fueled by his faith in Christ!  I have followed Tebow since his college days like so many.  He is without a doubt one of the best college QB’s to in the history of the NCAA. Now the discussion gets more interesting.  He does not have much of a body work to discuss yet for his performance in the NFL.

My opinion so far is that has been a below average QB, but he has won some games.  This does not mean I don’t think he will improve.  Every time I have made this statement or voiced my opinion I have felt like I just stepped into a Twilight zone episode named Tebowville. As soon as I step off the train, I’m greeted with a sign that says “Welcome to Tebowville.” “You will enjoy your time here as long as you only say great things about our Mayor’s QB play.” In this town all the citizens walk around in a trance ready to burn me at the stake for saying Tebow is not that great of QB yet!  Notice how I said yet!

None of us have a clue how good or bad he Tebow is going to be. My outlook is that he will be an average QB that will not play past the 3rd game for Denver next year.  He will catch on with another team and have some moderate success.

Now hear me out, religious, or not. Last game he played, he played well!  4 games before that, he was horrendous!  His QB play should never be analyzed differently than any other QB that has thrown a football in the NFL. If Tebow is given a pass for all his bad games, or just wiped away from memory, how come we don’t give Andy Dalton a pass for his bad game against the Texans last week? Same goes for Kurt Warner during the end of his St. Louis years.  Both of these men are devoted Christians that had bad games. How come they were not viewed in a different light? Kurt Warner of course is a Hall Fame QB who proved it on the field, as well as a Hall of Fame Christian off the field.


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